Calling all flute amateurs!

This is a little outside our usual line of work as Auers’ Flutery, but some of you might like to know: Walter is heading a masterclass and summercamp for almost all levels and ages from July 5-12. We have a great team of dedicated teachers and flutists that offers classes to kids and teens from age 8 on, to students and also to adult amateurs flutists! This is of course no Road Scholar tour, but Walter has been asked for lessons by tour participants in the past, so this is your chance!!! – if not to have a lesson with him personally, but to listen in on his teaching and to spend a week immersed in flute playing and flute related topics, and all that in a spectacular former monastery on of the most beautiful Carinthian lakes.
Participation is on a first come, first served basis, with no auditions necessary at the course itself. You might not want to hesitate too long though if you are thinking of joining us.
More information: CMA / Walter’s Website / Event-poster