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Flûtes du roy

flutes_du_roySlowly gearing up for one of our few public appearances…
A program focused on music written for or even by kings… and with our most coveted title, “Flûte du roy”, the title Jaques Martin Hotteterre was able to claim as Louis XIV.’ chamber flutist. For this one concert only, we also aspire to be “flutes of the king”. Join us at the Musikverein in Vienna on May 3rd!

Always on our minds…

Well, with Monday night’s “Vienna 1900”-Lecture the spring season of 2014 is all wrapped up. We will be back for Road Scholar in September, but even in the meantime the tours will receive a good amount of our attention. We are busily working on new material all our groups will be receiving from fall 2014 on: lecture outlines, a CD, even nicer program notes… Apart from that, we also have a “little” flute camp coming up the end of next week, with almost 50 flutists of all ages. Afterwards, we will withdraw to a secluded cabin on an Austrian glacier and sleep for a week. No, just kidding. We have three kids, we know that sleep is overrated, anyway. Afterwards is the Salzburg Festival, which is still tour-free this summer. We will use some of our free time to prepare our talks for the Salzburg Festival tours in 2015! Road Scholar, you are always on our minds…

And: we got mail! A gentleman who took part in the last “Composers of Europe”-tour was so kind as to send us this:
“I was on the recent RS tour at which Julia and a marvelous quartet performed on May 24 at St. Salvator. All the tour group felt most privileged to be invited. During our time in Vienna we saw Traviata and a number of small concerts, but yours was the most interesting because of the excellence and esprit of the musicians.”
Well, thank you very much. That is really appreciated.

Auers’ Flutery at Musikverein – done and dusted

And if the incredibly enthusiastic feedback is anything to go by, it was pretty good! We weren’t quite sure if our usual mode of concert communication was going to work out in a) German and b) outside of the study-tour context, but it went beautifully. So many smiling faces in the audience, thanks to everybody who came and contributed to the great, positive atmosphere of the evening! Audience members often don’t realize and appreciate enough how important they are to an event, especially in a format that communicates on multiple levels. Music is a team effort, and it takes the composer, the musicians and the listener – and boy, where you good at listening the other night! Thank you again! And a tremendous shout out is due to our fellow Flutees: Joanna Lewis, Anne Harvey-Nagl, Johannes Flieder, Martin Rummel, Jurek Dybal and Monica „Momo“ Melcova: you were beyond amazing. Working with you was a pleasure we hope to repeat! Ming Wang’s newly commissioned piece somehow deservedly became the focal point of the whole evening, which would have been impossible without our brilliant, ever calm and supportive conductor Gottfried Rabl.

Auers’ Flutery @ Musikverein Vienna!

Wow – we have a big one coming up!

On Thursday is a big day for us – we have a whole evening for Auers’ Flutery at the Musikverein in Vienna. One of the rare occasions where we perform “in public”. The week has been and is rather full as it is with four other Flutery dates (our babysitters are making good money… ). The program is pretty interesting, we have a new piece we specifically commissioned for the occasion by Ming Wang, a couple of all time flute favorites and even a first performance of the recently rediscovered flute concerto “Il Gran Mogol” by Vivaldi. Our ensemble is hand-picked, not only terrific musicians, but a bunch of really great people too – we’re definitely looking forward to rehearsing, playing and hanging out!