Monthly Archives: April 2015

“Nun klingen sie wieder…”

Schöllnast BildWe, as flutists, love flutes, and materials, and the stories historic instruments tell – or don’t tell. „Who played on you? Was it an amateur? Was it a professional? Did you play Beethoven – did you play for Beethoven? When were you put away? Who remembered that your sound was lovely and saved you instead of just throwing you in the fire? What is your story?“

Very often, none of these questions is ever answered. The only one we can find the answer to is: „What is your sound? What is your voice?“
We have had the rare opportunity to meet two lovely flutes from the beginning of the 19th century. They are usually housed in the archive of the Musikverein in Vienna, and haven’t been played for many, many decades. Over the last couple of weeks, we have had the opportunity to prepare them for a concert on April 8th, and it has been a pleasure, like making new friends… Join us if you would like to hear them „sound again – Nun klingen sie wieder!“