About us

We are curious, inquisitive musicians that relish understanding the how, why, who and when about musical compositions and productions and we are always excited to share our findings with our audiences, be it at a lecture or at an intimate private concert. Julia’s accessible and entertaining yet well-founded lecturing style and Walter’s expertise not only in flute playing but also in any orchestra-related topic guarantee events of the highest quality.
We always enjoy meeting the interesting, lovely people that come to our events and love hearing from you  – feel free to contact us by email. We may share some of your contributions on our blog.



Julia Auer

Julia is a musicologist and flutist as well as a music educator. She specializes in Early Music and early flutes, from medieval times up to about 1800. Born in Vienna and educated at the University (M.A.) and the University of Music (another M.A.) there, she completed her studies in Brussels (with the lovely title of “Meester in muziek“). As a child she lived in Raleigh/North Carolina (US) for two years. She has always enjoyed public speaking and as a dedicated teacher, lecture concerts are completely her thing. Her favorite topics are quite obviously Vienna-related and include Mozart, Viennese Classical Style, Schoenberg and Mahler, the Strauß dynasty, Haydn and Beethoven.



Walter Auer

Walter is not only a brilliant flutist, but also a born communicator and passionate teacher. Born in Carinthia, educated in Vienna, Salzburg and Berlin, he has been principal flutist of the Vienna Philharmonic and the Vienna State Opera since 2003. In this position he has gained intimate knowledge of the symphonic and operatic repertoire as well as of the international music scene and business. His inside scoop on orchestral playing, structures and behind-the-scenes secrets is a rare opportunity for our audiences.