We live a life on stage. In Vienna this is the Golden Hall at Musikverein or the Vienna State Opera. We perform in all the huge and famous concert halls all over the world: from New York’s Carnegie Hall to Suntory Hall in Tokyo, from Berlin to Amsterdam Concertgebouw, from Los Angeles Walt Disney Hall to Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Exclusive – Private – Intimate

For you we perform as Franz Schubert did for his friends: In an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. In a small hall, church, palais or even sometimes in our living room at home. “Schubertiade” was the name of these private special concerts in the 1820s. And this is exactly what we arrange for you. Viennas finest musicians perform for you in these incredibly close-up concerts. It is our pleasure to Include a relaxed meet and greet with the musicians with a glass of elegant Austrian wine after the concert.

Auers’ Flutery is very pleased to perform with: Monica Melcova (harpsichord, organ, piano), Sr. Felicitas Kaneko OSB (harpsichord), Christoph Traxler (piano), Yoko Fog-Urata (piano), Kotono Brilinsky (piano forte), Christoph Konzc (violin), Maxim Brilinsky (violin), Rémy Ballot (violin), Joanna Lewis (violin), Anne Harvey-Nagl (violin), Johannes Flieder (viola), Elmar Landerer (viola), Matthias Hink (viola), Martin Rummel (violoncello), Jörgen Fog (violoncello), Jan Ryska (violoncello), Wolfgang Härtel (violoncello), Jurek Dybal (double bass), Eric Lamb (flute), Maria Fedotova (flute), Wolfgang Breinschmid (flute), Matthias Schulz (flute), Gottfried Rabl (conductor)